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About Abbey 

Seasoned designer Abbey Leigh is dedicated to her clients' inner happiness as much as their external presence. You may be familiar with her refashion brand Lavender Elephant that she originally started working under in 2012, which is still rocking and rolling. Her wedding designs and services have grown and shes rebranded herself here with Abi Lee.

Abbey is an accomplished fashion designer and ethical fashion enthusiast living in the mountains of Colorado after falling in love with my adventure cowboy husband. A southern woman that always knew she'd forever hear the sound of a sewing machine. Her design career has revolved around inspiring people create a life around their passions as a founder of a family of sustainable fashion services and brands, collectively striving to shift consumer mindsets and save textile waste from the landfills.

Although she never suspected to specialize in the wedding industry, she noticed it's an area that could implement mindful practices. She started redesigning vintage gowns (a client favorite) and has continued to gain momentum in the redesign field. Her clients love that they can buy an off the rack dress and get it customized to their personality, body style & dreams, which can help "off-season" or left behind gowns from being considered waste.

The alterations department is booming with demand with an attention to detail and a unique Rocky Mountain Atelier experience you can't find anywhere else. The brand is in its early stages of creating off the rack one-of-a-kind pieces created from heirloom materials collected/donated from around the world and all the other pretty little things for brides. She, of course, loves white, so some clients enjoy shopping even without a wedding to plan. The design house has a growing team of designers (that also sew) and has magically appeared in the rural town of Winter Park. 

Abbey's been an advocate for sustainable fashion for over a decade and personally committed to only purchasing second-hand garments for her wardrobe for the last five years. She's dedicated herself to repairing apparel, learning and speaking the truths of the toxicity of the industry and consumer practices. Aligning her focus of leaning on the overlapping responsibilities of her businesses, inhibiting her brands from producing a product from anything but second hand sourced fabrics/damaged goods alleviating textile waste.

Her ability to restore, reform and reinvent consumer goods is more than a talent but a mission and believes in the fashion industry, change isn't perfect but pertinent.
Because she believes the process of dressmaking should be like a story, she enjoys meeting with her clients, hearing their love story, about the dress and the entire wedding and of course hearing their input concerning the vision of their wedding dress.

Abbey believes that her clients are her partners in the process of creating beautiful pieces. Her dedication to advocating for the planet keeps her innovative and transparent start to finish.


If you are not sure what you want, meet with her to see what she can do for your vision and your budget. You may be surprised, she could end up saving you money!  

Photo by Lisa Hall

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