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Bridal Tip || How to hold a Bouquet

The benefit of being a #weddinggown designer and #weddingplanner is observing what brides do on their wedding day. I’m excited for this first blog dedicated to tips & tricks and bridal do’s and do not’s... along with a laundry list of course on how to be more #mindful in the process. And don’t worry I’m aware that bridesmaids and family members need advice too. About that bouquet- it’s beautiful, yah, and your florist worked hard on it. But guess what? It doesn’t need to cover up that beautiful décolletage or the bodice of your wedding gown. It can make you look nervous too...same goes for your bridesmaids.

One of the most bride important wedding moments, when you're walking down the isle feeling a bit nervous, maybe in auto mode, is when the gripping of the bouquet happens most and your bouquet typically journeys to your chest. (remember, belly button, belly button) This also goes for bridal party members or anyone else holding a bouquet...walking down the isle and during the ceremony are at the top of the list!

Next up, holding your bouquet during photos. Yes, all those photos with loved ones the same thing goes. We suggest delegating to one of your "detail expert" friends (that's not in the bridal party) to pass your mental list of things to check for during photos. Yay, then you've got them on the sidelines checking everything while you're in bride mode! I've worked with a ton of amazing photographers that do appreciate this, so don't hesitate to delegate for this help. The photographer may not catch everything while herding the sheep and managing light & shadows!

There are exceptions to the rule of course, so don't overthink this and hold your bouquet like a statue. Have the fun and be yourself allowing your bouquet to find it's natural place in photo shoots, sorta like holding an umbrella with our without the rain. Ahhh, an umbrella may not be the best way to think of it, but regardless bouquets are getting rather large...and holding 10 pounds of florals isn't an everyday action. Try to move your bouquet (more like a really cute purse) around and ask your photographer for help as you need. You're going to do great and have the best time!


Location Grand Lake, CO

Custom Wedding Package (florals, decor design, coordination, planning) by @blissful_productions

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